What are earthworm
They are really
earthworm poop.
Earthworms will ingest
organic matter  and what
is excreted by the
earthworm is called
castings and contains
microbes and natural
plant hormones, making
an extremely effective

What is vermicompost?
It is the compost that
contains the castings
Lettuce growing in 20% castings.
Casting Grow Anything!
  • To produce our castings we use cow manure that has
    been composted for a minimum of 15 days at 131 F or
    higher. The composted cow manure is fed to the worms
    and after 3 to 4 weeks the castings are harvested by
    screening through a 1/8 screen.
  • Small fibers from the manure and occasionally some
    worm eggs or small worms will fall through the screen
    along with the castings.
  • No peat or any other non sustainable products are used
    in our castings / vermicompost product. Black Star
    castings/vermicompost looks different from some of the
    expensive brands of castings but is as effective as any
    of the expensive brands.
  • We have been producing and selling casting for over 5
    years and have many satisfied customers.
  • Excellent fertilizer for all plants – Much better than compost
  • Earthworm castings can provide 100% of plants fertilizer needs
  • Earthworm castings provide microbes that help plants take up
  • Will Not Burn Plants
  • Castings contain natural plant growth hormones (auxins and
    cytokinins) causing plants to grow faster and develop better
  • Castings are low analysis (NPK) fertilizer but out perform
    chemical fertilizers with much higher analysis and without
    causing pollution from fertilizer runoff.
  • Can be used as fertilizer for certified organic growers.
  • Excellent for new or established landscape plants simply apply
    around root area.
  • Excellent for lawns and golf courses
Earthworm Castings / Vermicompost
Black Star Organic Products LLC.
Black Star Organic Products is in the business of
producing and Selling Earthworm Castings /
Vermicompost from cow manure.
How Your Garden Will Benefit
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Flowers growing in 20% castings
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